Bleeding Rays of Dawn

by F-Space

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released February 3, 2008

Scot Jenerik - Ethan Port - Aleph Kali
Timothy North: Drum sample from "Death by Misadventure" on Bliss
Michael Asbill: Lyrics on Gathering Pools
Recorded at Mobilization
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios
CD disk paining by Dawn Neal



all rights reserved


F-Space San Francisco, California

An apocalyptic, feral, destructive trance state implying a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or an offender's mental state during a crime of passion.

Scot Jenerik
Ethan Port (Savage Republic, Death Ride 69), Aleph Kali (Chrome)

Past members:
Joel Connell (Man is the Bastard) Drums
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Track Name: Pointless
You say that you’re tired
Well yeah I’m tired too
I’m tired
Of being the antichrist
I’m so tired
Of being all that you hate
Yeah I’m tired
Of fucking up your life

Well I could go on
But what would be the point

Cuz when I look into your eyes
All I see is pain
In your eyes
The love is gone
Deep within your eyes
You are dead to me

I could go on
But what would be the point

I could go on
But what would be the point
When all you do is lie
It’s pointless to even try
Track Name: Shining Light
Devastation and despair
Trapped in a pit of decay
I am worthless and pathetic
I am hopeless day after day

You saved me from the abyss
An explosion of shining light
A nova of your love
Illuminates the night

Your breath upon my neck
The pounding of your heart
The mixing of our blood
We shall never be apart

This world in which we live
Has torn me from your embrace
A shadow is cast on my heart
By the bleeding rays of dawn
Track Name: Bliss
All I see
Is me
Wasting away
I feel like
I’m locked in time
Where I want to be
Unable to make the changes
I never
As complete
As I do
I’m in bliss
With you

It doesn’t
How complete
I am with you
You are
Worlds away
And there is nothing
I can do
To change
Track Name: Gathering Pools
Heavy objects fall to this spot
And collapse fold and splinter
Their tops rush through their middles
Without changing speed
And are stopped abruptly
Compressing the hard matter of the ground
To create a very shallow cracked depression
And are received with a disappointing thud

Within the mass matter tries to
Push through to the stopping point but fails
When the body is finally at rest
There is little evidence of the internal shift
Until hidden ruptures
Surrender fluids through breaches in the mass

The ground is unchanged
Except for the gathering pools


J.J. Dave’s Dog
Was running loose on the land the other day
And punctured the top of his paw
The hole was pretty deep and he was bleeding a lot
You could watch it squirt forth with each pump of his heart
He was entirely unaware that he had been cut

The day was bitter cold
The snow had been transformed to coarse ice crystals
Like in a slush
By the warming and cooling of the previous day
His blood had been spilling out for quite a long time
Before we noticed it on the snow
It was bright red
Again like a slush
So bright in fact that I didn’t think it was blood at first
I found it all over the field
He had criss-crossed the five acre field several times
Leaving a perfect record of his actions
There was an account of every tangent
You could easily determine where he had lingered

I imagined looking down on the field
From a central point several hundred feet above
Onto J.J’s blood map in the snow